Goingtobrasil will be now first updated here on tumblr.com

Hello everyone, the website: goingtobrasil.com is going through some changes, and while that happens, I will use the goingtobrasil tumblr to share some content related to my beloved country.

I will try as much as I can post things in English and Portuguese, as I have many Brazilian followers, I will first write in Portuguese and then in English.

Olá a todos! Seja bem-vindos ao meu humilde tumblr do goingtobrasil, na verdade este espaço era só para compartilhamento de links do site goingtobrasil.com, mas como o site está passando por umas mudanças, eu resolvi oficializar este espaço por enquanto, imagine a situação como a saída da família real de Portugal para o Rio de Janeiro, o Rio virou a capital do reino, pois é, foi isso que aconteceu com este tumblr. 

Brazil Guide (Infographic)

A twitter follower,  Morson Oil & Gas shared with me this great infographic about Brazil. Couldn’t resist sharing it here.

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Brazil’s most popular dessert: brigadeiro.

So sweet, yet so good!

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Isso aqui também é Brasil.
This is also Brazil.

(Source: youtube.com)

We are all in tears!

Unless the scenario changes, we are out of the World Cup by now, I don’t know how I am going to cope with this, but we’re the hosting country and no matter the results the championship will go on.

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Facebook reveals who are the supporters that are in The World Cup 2014

Facebook reveals who are the supporters that are in The World Cup 2014

Through the analysis of  Facebok check-ins is possible to determine the sex, country and age of he World Cup 2014 supporters. According to the website 68% are male, with age between 25 and 34 years old.  The leading countries are: USA, Mexico and Colombia and the top cities are: Mexico city, Bogota and Santiago. You can observe in this  animated graphic, the movement of people who left their…

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3 Theme Songs of the World Cup 2014 that are better than the original from FIFA (We are one)

3 Theme Songs of the World Cup 2014 that are better than the original from FIFA (We are one)

The World Cup is not all about football, it’s about launching new catchy songs to keep the supporters (consumers) happy. Many of the songs are sponsored by companies like Coca Cola.

Number 1-Coca Cola- “TodoMundo” (Brazil) “The World Is Ours” (World)/ “La Copa De Todos” (Latin America) by Gaby Amarantos(Brazil)/David Correy(World)/ Wisin ft. PatyCantú & David Correy(Latin America)


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The Best TV Commercial for the World Cup 2014

The Best TV Commercial for the World Cup 2014

Is this the best TV commercial for the World Cup? I can’t deny that for me it is. Check it out yourself this advert for Mc Donald’s, one of the World Cup sponsors.

I advise watching the backstage videos just to clarify that there was no special effect.

Now you agree…

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The World Cup without its Mascot

The World Cup without its Mascot

The World Cup 2014 opening happened on July 12th at Itaquerão stadium in São Paulo, Brazil.

Photo Sérgio Luiz

Photo Sérgio Luiz

The opening of the World Cup is something that I always want to watch, the match it’s not so important for me in the first day. This year I was disappointed, at first I thought that all that people coming in aimless would turn into a synchronized Samba School, but it didn’t. I didn’t see

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